Dialogue Editing and Recording Services

with Alyson Castonguay

Dialogue Editing and Recording Services​

with Alyson Castonguay, audio engineer

​Dialogue Editing for ​Podcasts – Audiobooks – Instructional Videos – Studio Recording – Mix Engineering – Studio Mastering – Narrative Podcast Editing – Live Sound

Hi, I’m Alyson!

I’m an Audio Engineer adept across the field. From live concerts, music studio recording, voice work, audio restoration, podcast editing to teaching audio, I enjoy mixing it up. My latest editing projects have debuted at #1 in Apple Fiction Podcasts. When not in the studio or at a show you can find me hiking, gardening, or watching too much tv with my husband and kiddo in the Columbia River Gorge. 

Alyson Castonguay, Audio Engineer and Podcast Editor

Alyson is an integral part of the studio’s development, doing both live audio and live recording!

“Since meeting Alyson at various live gigs in the Gorge, and hearing her live audio work, I finally asked her if she’d be interested in playing along with a project I had in mind for throwing Sunday afternoon, all-ages shows at Burnt Barn with various groups – from songwriter circles to all-star bands to well-known Pacific Northwest artists. She has been an integral part of the studio’s development, doing both live audio and live recording (often at the same time), as well as tracking for some great musicians. She is an amazing, fearless audio talent worthy of much wider recognition.”

Don Campbell | Burnt Barn Studio

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Narrative Podcast Editing

Editing, Mixing, and Mastering with your creative team.

Live Shows

Full service sound for venues and live bands specializing in outdoor audio.